Can Trump Actually be a President of the People?

Trump Proving Himself With Smart Political Moves

As hard as this is to admit, Trump was on the right side of a major issue recently. Trump made a point of Tweeting his disapproval of House Republicans trying to get rid of the Office of Congressional Ethics. While he didn’t outright say it should never happen, he did say it should come after important issues that matter to Americans like tax reform, healthcare, and “so many other things of far grater importance!” Although it is good to hear him denounce such an action by House Republicans, Trump did make sure to point out how “unfair” the Office of Congressional Ethics is while calling it the Independent Ethics Watchdog.

For those of you who don’t follow House operations, House Republicans tried to change the rules on how they are overseen on ethical concerns. The Republicans had six points they wanted to change:

Some of these rule changes are odd, like the rule that the ethics office could not investigate misconduct that took place before Jan. 3, 2011. Other changes were obvious attempts to make sure Congress could not get prosecuted (see rule three and six).

The vote was conveniently taken during a closed hearing, so the American people will never actually know how their elected officials voted on this rule change. They did all of this late Monday night but by Tuesday morning, they changed their minds after the vast public outrage and the tweet from Trump. There is a possibility Trump had a large impact on what happened, but it’s possible that the general public outcry was enough to scare most House Republicans into changing their minds.

Trump has also been very adamant that products sold in the U.S. should be made in the U.S. So far Trump has claimed responsibility for the Carrier jobs in Indiana and keeping Ford from building a new plant in Mexico. He has tweeted out a warning to Toyota Motor saying they will have to “pay big border tax” if they build U.S. Cars in Baja, Mexico. Trump likes to show off his “huge” wins but will his numbers match Obama’s? Obama not only kept jobs in America, but he added 15.1 million jobs since early 2010. That is an average of around 200,000 jobs a month for 78 months straight. Granted, Trump has saved U.S. jobs even before becoming President.

If Trump is able to keep Congress in check and not allow Mike Pence too much breathing room, Trump could effect some good change in America. We just have to wait and see how Trump is feeling each day–that will determine how the entire country will feel each day. One day will be nuclear war, the next will be peace on earth. We have no clue until it happens.