President Trump After First Foreign Trip: Home Run!

donald trump troops speech

President Donald Trump ended his first foreign trip on Saturday in Sicily with a speech in front of military personnel at the Sigonella Naval Air Station. The move itself was symbolic, as people expected a press conference with the POTUS at the end of his journey abroad . However, The Donald shunned the press and celebrated his first foreign trip with the troops.

So,The Donald chose to deliver his triumphant speech in front of US military on Memorial Day Weekend, concluding that his 9-day trip abroad was a home run. The POTUS promised to stay true to his campaign promises on Saturday by reaffirming his full support for the men and women enlisted in the US armed services, together with ramping up military spending.

The Donald said in Italy on Saturday that, let me quote the man himself:

“But we have been gone for close to nine days. This will be nine days. And I think we hit a home run no matter where we are. We’re thrilled to be here right now and we’re getting on that very big plane and we’re heading back to Washington and the United States.”

After his first foreign trip tour in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium and Italy, where he met with the Marxist/pro open-borders and multicultural Pope and he also shocked NATO members with his “errand boy” speech, telling them that they must pump those number up and step up to the plate (he bashed NATO members who don’t spend the required 2% of their GDP for defense), the POTUS is now heading back to the US where he will be met with open arms by the same hostile corporate media pedaling obsessively the Russia collusion made up story.

Trump added:

“I can think of no better way to conclude our first foreign trip than to spend the time with you right here with the incredible men and women of the United States Navy and with all of our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines and our great civilians who support them,”

And he did not forget to mention the fight against terrorism:

“Our travels took us to some of the holiest sites in the three Abrahamic religions and to gatherings of both America’s oldest and newest friends. We traveled the world to strengthen long-standing alliances and to form a new partnership among nations devoted to the task of eradicating the terrorism that plagues our planet,”



Photo: Reuters