President Trump Announces Ban on Trans in US Military

trump bans transgenders

President Donald Trump went on to Twitter on Wednesday and broke the news about transgender individuals and the US military, i.e. from now on, transgender people will no longer be able to serve in the US military in any capacity.




Truth be told, the military is not a liberal social experiment and transgender people would require psychiatric attention rather than acceptance and encouragement to serve in an institution focused on efficiency and preparedness, such as the US military. Also, it’s great to hear that taxpayer’s dollars will no longer be spent on fantasies, i.e. on people in the military undergoing surgery and therapy.

Before liberals go insane, the military is about unity and team, not the individual. The military is about killing the enemy and protecting our nation. It is not about social experiments.

But what if some people identify as attack helicopters?! The military is wasting a huge opportunity here to save on equipment costs! Joke aside, the POTUS decision comes after his Secretary of Defense James Mattis called for a 6 months delay with regard to transgender recruitment to the United States military.

Finally, America has a leader with common sense. The military has already become too much of a social experiment instead of just being an effective fighting force. Allowing men who call themselves women to join the ranks would add a level of chaos that would be devastating. This isn’t about allowing everyone to serve; this is about a mission, and that mission isn’t to promote equality. It’s to kill the enemy and discourage any others from becoming one to us.

Photo Credit: Mark Iacampo, U.S. Army Garrison BavariaHohenfels