President Trump Approval Hits 50%

donald trump

If you’re a big fan of Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman, two of the greatest actors in the world, regardless of their political views, you’ve probably watched Wag the Dog-the movie.

Wag the Dog is a political-satire movie made in 1997 and the story focuses on a Hollywood producer and a “spin-expert” who join efforts trying to fabricate a fake war story, in order to cover up a huge political scandal.

In their own words, “we’ll not have a war, but the appearance of a war”, as the US declares war to Albania, a country that  was (falsely) accused of having nuclear weapons and plotting to attack the US with a suitcase bomb via Canada. To make things even more eerie, there’s even a fake Tomahawk missile strike reference in the movie regarding the first Iraq war.

Getting back to our story, after The Donald ordered a Tomahawk strike on a basically empty Syrian airfield with the Russians notified in advance, not to mention the bellicose rhetoric against North Korea’s rogue regime, which culminated with 3-aircraft carriers moving towards the Korean peninsula, guess what:

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll from Monday respectively, President Donald Trump’s approval rate just hit 50%. There’s nothing like a strongman posture and some saber rattling when it comes to reviving one’s political career, isn’t it?

Monday’s numbers mark a premiere in almost a month, i.e. the first time when President Trump’s overall approval rating gets back in the fifties. Donald Trump’s approval rate peaked right after his inauguration, at 59% and stayed in the fifties almost every day until March. Since then, it has gone as low as 42%, while today, 30% of Americans strongly approve of the way President Donald Trump is performing, especially given the international current events which made the mainstream media to rally behind the President’s actions like never before.

As long there’s no new war, but the appearance of a war, I declare myself satisfied with The Donald’s 4D Chess moves.