President Trump Asks for US Congress to Cancel August Recess and Go to Work

trump tax cuts border wall

Earlier in July, a number of GOP Senators asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell to ditch the August recess. Among the ten US Senators who signed the petition until now, we must mention Senator Strange (Alabama), Senator Daines (Montana), Senator Perdue (Georgia), Senator Tillis (North Carolina), Senator Sullivan (Arkansas), Senator Rounds (South Dakota), Senator Lee (Utah),Senator Kennedy (Louisiana) and Senator Ernst (Iowa).

It seems obvious that during President Trump’s first months into office, both GOP leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel wasted their majorities in the House and Senate, as they’ve accomplished basically nothing even if Republicans control both houses and they also have the Presidency. So far, GOP leaders failed miserably at passing legislation in order to replace/repeal Obamacare, to fund Trump’s border wall or to pass tax cuts. Earlier on Monday, Donald Trump told Congress to ditch the August recess and go to work, finally:



I get the feeling that  President Trump is a little shocked at how slowly and lazily these people work. He has spent his entire life in the private sector and the insane entitlement of government employees is totally new to him. However, there’s more to it than laziness.

Judging from what happened for the last couple of months, healthcare and taxes are not going to happen with  Ryan and McConell controlling the GOP agenda. Period. There are enough Democrats and RINOs to ensure that. This is more obstruction and prep to show Trump and his administration as an utter failure in November 2018.

Make no mistake, Ryan is leading this, regardless of what he says in his little press conferences. And someone ask McConnell why there are over 100 nominations sitting stagnate in the confirmation process.

Relax and accept this obstruction -and could even say treason- will not end until November 2018. And then only if we support every Republican challenger and primary out every incumbent RINO. Including Ryan. Then in the election, we must vote Republican into every seat. If the DEMs gain majority they will immediately being impeachment  procedures to remove Donald Trump from office. And they don’t just want impeachment, they want his company destroyed and him in prison for whatever reasons.

With a DEM majority in either or both Houses (even if impeachment fails), the remaining 2 years of Trump’s presidency are neutered. The DEMs and RINOs have already passed laws limiting or removing Executive powers as they work to make him President in name only. It’s critical to the Democrats/Globalists that Trump is blocked from governing and they have the mainstream media to help them do it.

Republicans in Congress would rather see the Democrats gain the House than give Trump a victory. It’s that simple. The Washington DC Uni-party is real.Hopefully, behind the scenes, Trump is consolidating power within the RNC itself. The only way this gets fixed from within is by denying access to party fundraising when congressmen fail to support the agenda.