President Trump Blasts Fake News Media: I Never Said Give Teachers Guns!

President Trump Blasts Fake News Media I Never Said Give Teachers Guns!

President Trump went on to Twitter on Thursday and defended his position on what the mainstream media (especially NBC and CNN) described to be him advocating for arming all teachers in schools. The Donald clarified that he would support the arming of teachers who have or undertake specialized weapons training.

President Trump referred to gun free zones, such as public schools, as magnets for bad people, and he also took a swing at NBC and CNN, accusing them of misrepresenting his views:

The comments the POTUS is referring to were made on Wednesday, during a sit down listening session with Florida School shooting survivors and their parents. During the discussion, a parent brought up the idea of arming administrators and teachers with concealed weapons, and President Trump acknowledged the issue could be discussed as some point in the future.

“If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, that could very well end the attack very quickly. We’re going to be looking at that very strongly. And I think a lot of people are going to be opposed to it. I think a lot of people are going to like it.”

said the POTUS. See the full discussion below:

Trump continued to address the MSM via Twitter on Thursday, adding that:

Here’s from the “Israeli National News,” dated 2/16/18.

“When terrorists attacked a school in Maalot in 1974, Israel did not 
declare every school a gun-free zone. It passed a law mandating armed
security in schools, provided weapons training to teachers and today
runs frequent active shooter drills. There have been only two school 
shootings since then, and both have ended with teachers killing the 

Israel knows how to protect their schools and their students and has known how to do that for over 40 years. However, prominent Jews in the US, like Blumenthal, Schumer et al., demand that American schools be gun free shooting galleries for any and all crazies who want to run up a body count unhindered by armed intervention.

Trump has suggested the Israeli fix for American schools and CNN and other leftist outlets are shrieking that it’s a radical unworkable solution. Really? It’s obviously it worked just fine in Israel FOR OVER 40 EFFING YEARS! The stupidity of the parents and their offspring who want the schools to remain gun free shooting galleries needs no comment.