President Trump Calls NYT, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC “The Enemy of the American People”

Yesterday’s press conference was very interesting to say the least, but on Friday President Trump continued to blast the Fake News media on Twitter, declaring NBC, CNN, ABC, New York Times and CBS as enemies of the American people.

It’s curious that Washington Post didn’t make it on the who’s who list, but maybe the culprit for the President’s omission  was the character limit, who knows?





Friday’s outburst on Twitter follows Thursday’s surreal (and epic) press conference during which  President Trump has aired his grievances about the mainstream media’s incredibly biased coverage on his presidency so far.

Incidentally, the tweet above is actually a beta version, as the first one was removed by President Trump, as he omitted to add CBS and ABC on the shame-list:

Chief White House’s strategist Steve Bannon also described in the past the mainstream media as the opposition party, just like President Trump did today:

“The mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign. Look at the Twitter feeds of those people: they were outright activists of the Clinton campaign.That’s why you have no power You were humiliated.”

You’re the opposition party. Not the Democratic Party. You’re the opposition party. The media’s the opposition party.”

After President Trump’s conference on Thursday, the media which was described as the enemy of the American people had all sorts of reactions, ranging from defensive to shocked, to bemused to the conciliatory.

An interesting question would be, if the mainstream media is the enemy of the American people, what does that say about its corporate owners?

The thing is, mainstream media in the US has never been more consolidated than it is today. Currently, six media giants control a shocking 90% of what Americans watch, read or listen to.

The six companies are General Electric (Comcast, NBC etc), News-Corp (Fox, Wall Street Journal, New York Post), Disney (ABC, ESPN etc), Viacom (MTV, Paramount Pictures etc), Time-Warner (CNN, HBO, AOL, Warner Bros) and CBS (Showtime, 60 minutes etc).

Source: ZH