President Trump Ends DACA

donald trump ends daca

As per his campaign promise, President Trump pulled the trigger on Tuesday and officially ended DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) via his AG Jeff Sessions, while in the same time urged the Congress to act. In what can be described as one of the most decisive/important moves of his young presidency, Donald Trump finally said enough is enough, to the utter shock, horror and outrage of the establishment media, RINO-Republicans, Democrats, Hollywood and the left wing generally speaking, people who failed to pay attention to his campaign promises or did not expect him to keep his word while in the White House.

So, DACA is now officially dead in the water, as President’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the phasing out of DACA on Tuesday morning. Jeff Sessions ordered that the illegal and unconstitutional executive order enacted by former president Barry Hussein Obama is to be phased slowly. The DACA “executive amnesty” shielded about 800,000 illegal ‘children’ (aliens who’ve entered the country together with their parents) from being deported and offered them work permits, which could be renewed every 2 years.

DACA is set to come to an end, but there’s a catch: there’s a 6 months delay. The clock is running as we speak, but the POTUS is giving Congress an opportunity to pass legislation, i.e. a comprehensive bill to offer amnesty to these illegal immigrant children if the REP dominated Congress would be so inclined. As far as the executive order is concerned, the clock is now ticking and DACA will be history in 6 months time if Congress fails to step up to the plate and craft an amnesty bill.

Jeff Sessions announced via a presser on Tuesday that the program known as DACA is being rescinded. DACA was implemented back in 2012 and besides offering work permits to illegal alien-children, it allowed them to participate in the social security program. DACA was  implemented unilaterally by then president Obama, while the Congress rejected it on numerous occasions. Basically, the executive branch (the POTUS) via DACA overturned the legislative branch(the Congress) thus circumventing immigration laws.

As per the effects of DACA, which was basically a unilateral executive amnesty, among other things acted as a magnet and created a surge of minors illegally passing into the US through the Southern border, thus creating a humanitarian crisis.


Photo REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst