President Trump Explains Why He’s Offering Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

President Trump Explains Why He's Offering Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

The Donald went on to Twitter on Saturday and explained the nation his reasons for which he’s offering basically amnesty (with a number of conditions though) to 1,8 million illegal aliens, i.e. a pathway to citizenship via his fix of the Obama-era (and illegal/unconstitutional) DACA executive order:

The conditions for providing almost two million illegals with some sort of amnesty include an end to chain migration, a $25 billion funding for the border wall with Mexico and an end to the Diversity Visa lottery.

In 2006, the Congress passed a law to build the wall and reduce illegal immigration to zero. Never happened. And when Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegals back in 1986 thus turning California blue for ever, he was promised border security in exchange, and yet here we are. I don’t have any faith in a wall being the solution. I wish we would get a wall and enforce our immigration laws, but instead we get empty promises and more illegal immigrants who we are then told we owe amnesty to because they brought their kids.

Good grief, why don’t these immigrants have to follow any of the rules the other immigrants (the legal ones) have to follow? When a visa worker comes to the US with kids, and then has to leave with his family years later, why is that okay, but not okay for the illegals? It’s just so twisted and convoluted and stupid. We are all getting played over and over again. I’m sick of it.

It makes me angry that these illegals are being described by Democrats as being better than American citizens in their effort to push for amnesty. The Democrats have no platform or ideas so the only way they can grow the Democrat Party is to import voters from Mexico et al.

These DACA/DREAMER people are not owed a damn thing for their parents breaking the law. And to listen to them talk as if they’re entitled to citizenship is preposterous and annoying. No other country in the world puts up with this kind of non-sense and neither should we.