President Trump Flashes Anger Over Jeff Sessions Recusal

Attorney General dinner at Mar-a-Lago

President Donald Trump went totally “ballistic” over the latest wave of so called news reports connecting the Russian government with his new administration and according to “insiders” from the White House, he was especially angry over Attorney General Sessions abrupt decision to recuse himself from the investigations regarding the alleged Russian meddling in the presidential campaign from 2016.

Prior to leaving the White House for attending his private resort in Palm Beach Florida over the weekend, President Trump summoned a number of his senior staff to the Oval Office, according to ABC News sources.

According to the respective “leaks”, President Trump felt that Jess Sessions recusal was totally unnecessary as it only encouraged Trump’s political opponents. Sessions made his recusal announcement a couple of days ago, on Thursday, without consulting President Trump, who was returning to the White House from a visit to the USS Gerald Ford in Virginia, where he gave a speech underlying his plans for the US military as POTUS.

While aboard the USS Gerald Ford, President Trump has said that he has total confidence in his Attorney General (hours before Session’ recusal) despite the mainstream media smear campaign and he sees no reason why Sessions should recuse himself. Quoting a White House official who expressed the sentiment of frustration lurking in the West Wing:

“We should have had a good week. We should have had a good weekend. But once again, back to Russia,”

The corporate MSM is now obsessing about Jeff Sessions failure to disclose during his confirmation hearings  that he had met with the Russian ambassador twice as he was a senator on the Armed Service Committee and also involved with Donald Trump’s campaign.

However, that information is a matter of public record, i.e. it wasn’t a private meeting nor a secret one and Sessions emphasized that he has met with the Russian ambassador as per his senatorial duties, i.e. that was his job at the Armed Service Committee, not as an aide for the Trump campaign.

Source: ABC