President Trump Gets Most Negative Coverage from the Media in 25 Years

biased media against trump

If you’re an avid mainstream-media consumer, today’s news are hardly surprising: according to the latest PEW Research Center study, the mainstream media’s coverage of Trump’s presidency was primarily negative 95% of the time, which means that only 5% of news reports were positive, and that’s quite remarkable regardless of what you think about the POTUS.

Donald Trump has tweeted multiple times about how the MSM is not giving him a fair “deal” as the reporting on his administration is mostly negative, and he was proven right  after PEW Research Center analyzed three thousand (3000) news/stories across 24 media organizations during President Trump’s first 100 days into office.

PEW discovered that mainstream media reporting on the POTUS has been the worst in 25 years, as in the most negative, compared to any other presidents in recent history. With just 5% of media reporting during the first 100 days being positive, 62% of the stories/news were negative while 33% were neutral, i.e. neither negative nor positive. During the same period of time (the first 100 days into office) former president Barack Obama’s coverage by the mainstream media was 42% positive and just 20% negative. Even Bush 43 received a much better treatment, with 22% of the stories being positive and 28% negative. Bill Clinton received 27% positive coverage and 28% negative.

The PEW study also revealed a very interesting (and telling) fact: the mainstream media’s obsession with Donald Trump focused mainly on his character traits (goes to character assassination) rather than analyzing his policies. Just 31% of all news/stories published on President Trump focused on policy issues, compared to 65% for Bush, 50% for Obama and 58% for Clinton.

66% of the media news coverage on Trump’s presidency focused on 5 main topics, the main one being the POTUS’ political skills (17%), then immigration (14%), appointments and nominations (13%), Russia relations (13%) and healthcare (9%).

Since Donald Trump’s epic win  in November 2016, the mainstream media incessantly pedaled the now-famous mantra of questioning the legitimacy of his presidency and pushed wild allegations and conspiracy theories about a Russian interference with the elections (the so called collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government), thus creating a huge division in the society. The vast majority of the stories relied on anonymous sources from within the Deep State (the alphabet soup intel-agencies), which frequently resulted in “fake news”, i.e. erroneous reporting.



Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images