President Trump Goes to War With NFL, Football Ratings Drop

nfl protests donald trump ratings drop

Following a number of NFL players’ protests against “racism” and “police brutality”, not to mention disrespecting the American flag by kneeling while the national anthem is played, football ratings dropped on Sunday Night Football, to no one’s surprise. The 8 percent ratings hit of Sunday Night Football makes for the worst performance this season so far.

On Sunday, more than two hundred NFL players chose to defy the POTUS and a vast portion of the American public and took a knee while the national anthem was played, protesting Donald Trump’s remarks over the weekend when he slammed the NFL’s team owners for failing to fire players who disrespect the flag.

However, the American public is starting to react. A number of displeased NFL fans from all across “flyover America” expressed their anger with the league and its players by burning NFL memorabilia (shirts, tickets etc) in solidarity with the POTUS.

Even liberal cities like Washington DC and Boston saw a number of NFL fans booing their own teams while taking Trump’s side. Demographics tell a very disturbing story for NFL and Trump haters alike: the NFL will not survive the war with the Donald, as fans definitely favor Trump on this issue.

Even before Donald Trump’s weighing on the taking-a-knee extravaganza on Friday, the NFL’s viewership was declining, following (currently unemployed) Colin Kaepernick’s newly discovered social justice talents, as he started protesting the national anthem months before Donald Trump took office.

According to a Bloomberg article from 2014, the vast majority of NFL’s fan base leans Republican. Moreover, 77% of NFL fans are white, as opposed to 70% of NFL’s players who are black , and 58% of whites voted for Trump in the 2016 election, compared to  just 8% of the blacks (you can see the racism here, right?). Furthermore, NFL’s largest age demographic is over 55, and senior voters are the strongest Trump supporters, not to mention that the majority of NFL’s money base (Americans making over $50,000 a year) voted for Trump.

That’s why NFL is losing popularity and in the long run, they’ll lose the war against Trump and his fan-base. Even those who might not support the POTUS are sick and tired of NFL’s hostility towards American values and they’re fed up with the politicization of sports.