President Trump: I’m Not Worried About Flynn’s Guilty Plea

trump not worried about flynn

On Saturday morning, President Trump addressed the “Flynn guilty plea” issue for the first time, after his formal National Security Adviser admitted that he lied to the FBI about his contacts with the Russians during the transition period. The President told reporters during a presser:

“No, I’m not worried about what Michael Flynn will tell investigators. What has been shown is no collusion. There’s been absolutely no collusion so we’re very happy.”

General Flynn was offered a plea deal by Special Counsel Mueller’s team, hence he agreed to fully cooperate with the investigators with regard to the probe into the alleged collusion between Trump Team and Moscow, together with the investigation into Russia election-interference. Mueller’s investigation was described by President Trump as a witch hunt and a Democratic ploy.

Still no evidence that the election outcome was effected in any way by the attempted Russian meddling. Still no Russia collusion. Still no indication of anything that would lead to a Trump impeachment. Hillary is still not president.

Democrats should ask for their money back from this Mueller probe

Now, if you ask me, I really believe Flynn has a story to tell, but it’s not about President Trump. And speaking about “collusion”, the State Department had “no problem” with President-elect Trump’s team communicating with Russia or other foreign leaders during the presidential transition.

“We stand ready, if they want to work through the State Department to contact some of these individuals, but we have no comment or no problem with them doing such [things] on their own,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.

January 13, 2017



What ever happened to Papadopoulos? He pleaded to the same thing basically.