President Trump Lashes Out at Mental Health Critics on Twitter, Declares Self Genius

Trump lashes out at critics Declares self genius

Another day in the Empire brings us another epic Tweeter war, courtesy of President Trump. This time, the POTUS responded to his critics in the left wing corporate mainstream media by dropping a digital nuke, hitting back against insinuations (from the usual pundits) about his deteriorating mental health:

A number of mainstream media personalities suggested lately that President Trump could be unfit for office due to claimed mental issues, but that’s nothing new. However, President Trump’s tweet on Tuesday about “my nuclear button is bigger than yours and it works” addressed to Kim Jong-un exacerbated the leftists’ panic about the POTUS bringing the world on the verge of a nuclear holocaust. Also, the imminent release of Michael Wolff’s new book about Trump’s first day in office, regardless of how fraudulent and fake-newsish it already seems to be, played a role in all this extravaganza about the POTUS’ alleged mental health issues.

Wolff’s book has been already described as tabloid trash by the White House and various other (left-wing) publications, but that doesn’t matter much for progressives. So let’s get this straight: a mentally unfit (billionaire) business man with zero political experience wipes the floor with 16 highly qualified Republicans in the primaries and then goes on to crush (according to Barack Hussein Obama) “the most qualified candidate to ever run for the Presidency“, i.e.  Hillary Clinton, and he’s unfit and mentally ill? So what does that make all the rest of the politicians that he wiped the floor with, stable and mentally sharp?