President Trump: “Never Said Anything Derogatory About Haitians”, Admits Tough Language

President Trump: "Never Said Anything Derogatory About Haitians"

President Trump dismissed Washington Post’s unsourced and anonymous report from yesterday, which claimed that he referred to Haiti and various other countries as shitholes, during a bipartisan negotiation with lawmakers, where they discussed DACA and immigration related issues. For further reference, read this article: Amnesty Talks Blown Up as President Trump Balks at ‘Shithole ‘ Immigration Deal.

As I already warned you in the previous article, considering the highly discredited and rabid anti Trump source (Jeff Bezos’ blog), the claims made by WaPo’s reporter should be taken with a big grain of Himalayan salt. Here’s today’s response from the Donald regarding the “shithole” allegations:

In a series of tweets on Friday, President Trump dismissed Senate’s immigration plan, a bipartisan bill, describing it as a big step backwards, while saying that the respective legislation would force the US to admit immigrants from high crime countries:

Maybe we need to return to the “not-so-old” days where “immigrants” required a sponsor that assumed financial responsibility for the immigrant. Any benefits should also be pro-rated on what the immigrant has paid into the system. For that matter, any benefits for anybody should be prorated to what they paid in/earned.

Finally, it’s obvious that the Democrats don’t really want a Dreamer deal with Trump. They want the issue to be alive and kicking for the coming election. Sorry, Dreamers, Democrats gain politically by throwing you under the bus.