President Trump Nixes G7 Climate Deal Following Controversial Debate

trump Sicily g7

Despite the hugely optimistic headlines in the mainstream media, the group of seven world leaders (also known of G7) who met in Italy on Friday to debate various issues ranging from trade deals to climate change will have to come at peace with the notion that you can’t stump The Trump.

The thing is, six out of seven world leaders tried to persuade President Donald Trump to support the Paris climate accord deal and guess what: despite their efforts to tame the beast, The Donald said Niet!, thus ending hours of talks described by Mutti Merkel, the mother of refugees as “controversial”. Hence, the G7 group will have to close their Sicily meeting with a pared down statement which will reveal the deep divisions between America and the rest of the world with regard to trade, climate change and various other issues.

Globalist agenda aside, Donald Trump agreed to issue a joint statement on fighting international terrorism, admonishing social media giants and internet providers alike to significantly boost their efforts to curb “extremist” content, whatever that means. Despite President Trump’s America First agenda, Italy’s Prime Minister (and host) Gentiloni claimed that the G7 meeting was very close to find common language on trade issues.

However, the climate change globalist agenda remained dead in the water, with The Donald holding his ground despite the huge efforts from the “G6” leaders to persuade him otherwise. France’s president Macron and Germany’s chancellor Merkel tried and failed to sway The Donald during the POTUS’ first major international summit. One can only imagine the “controversial” exchange of views between Trump, petit Macron and mutti Merkel.

The tense G7 meeting took place just 24 hours after Trump slammed America’s NATO allies for their failure to meet the alliance’s financial obligations and described Germany’s trade surplus as, let me quote a classic: “very bad” during an official meeting with Eurocrats. Obviously, President Donald Trump shocked his European so-called allies due to his “speak truth to power” mannerism, as usual.

And this is only the beginning.