President Trump: Russia ‘Dossier’ is a Crooked Hillary Pile of Garbage’

trump blasts crooked hillary phony dossier

President Trump went on to Twitter earlier on Tuesday and slammed the phony Russia-dossier story after he watched a Fox News report which basically discredited the so-called intelligence contained in the oppo-research file. The POTUS was amazed to learn that the so-called dossier was used by Barack Obama’s DOJ and the FBI alike to eavesdrop (they obtained FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign based on that dossier) on his campaign after allegations of Russia collusion surfaced:

Prior to the President commenting on the so-called dossier, Congressman Jason Chaffetz described the oppo-research file as completely bogus, emphasizing that even the FBI was ashamed to admit they funded it. I predict that President Trump will be exonerated, since this “investigation” is based on total BS, and that before 2018 ends we are going to see the Clinton family and maybe even the Obama clan, including many of their aids and dept heads, indicted.

All that  DOJ’s AG or the current FBI have to do is change the wording back to Gross Negligence for the Clinton email probe, as the rest of the charges were already lined out quite nicely by former FBI boss James Comey.

There is such a long list of crimes done by these people, I am not even going to try and list them;just know this Mueller Investigation has come home to bite the very same pundits who started the fake Russian Collusion Investigation right in their buttocks. They tried to hide behind the “Dossier” but the investigation has actually  taken their hiding place away and striped away the curtain. It might take a new Attorney General with more courage than Sessions has, but I can live with a new AG.

Trump knew back in March (March 4th to be specific) where this sham was going to lead, and tweeted as much that day. He has just utilized his world-class skill of patience to let it lead there, which has caused so much more damage to them than one or two Dem big players had been swept into prison months ago. He’s a master poker player–always was–who the Left arrogantly continues to underestimate. He is having almost as much fun as us watching the DEMs slither right into the trap they set for themselves.