President Trump Sends in the Feds to Help Fight Chicago Crime Wave

chicago crime wave

Following on his promise from a few months ago, President Trump announced on Friday that he’s sending in the FEDs to help with mitigating Chicago’s out of control criminality.




According to a report from the local newspaper Chicago Sun Times, the Federal “army” sent by the POTUS is to include twenty agents from the ATF. The strike force has been mandated with the mission of hunting down gun traffickers in Chicagoland and to solve gun crimes, to combat violence  for short. The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents will work together with twenty colleagues from Chicago’s own police department and also with Illinois State Police.

The head of Chicago Police Dept. ‘s organized crime unit Anthony Riccio has said the new team’s goal is to enforce a zero tolerance policy with regard to violent crimes and to prosecute (they work together with the Cook County attorney’s office and the US attorney’s office) as many of the criminals in the shortest amount of time. Also, when possible, the perpetrators will be federally prosecuted in order to get longer prison times. The new team will benefit from a high tech mobile unit, a van of sorts which works as a mobile ballistic laboratory. The respective van is capable of analyzing bullets and shell casings very quickly, thus allowing the strike force to build cases against gun dealers and shooters without wasting time with bureaucracy.

Since President’s tweet in January, the murder statistics in Chicagoland only got worse. So far, (June 28th nota bene), there have been no less than 333 murders and 1753 shootings in the city of Chicago, which may sound like Aleppo to many of our readers (what is Aleppo?). The vast majority of the crimes occurred in the city’s ultra-violent South and West Side neighborhoods. Notice the difference between Trump’s approach and Obama’s DoJ, who chose to accuse Chicago police of racial bias and brutality instead of solving the problem:



Can you guess which approach will work better?