President Trump Shocks World: “We Have A Military Option For Venezuela”

Venezuela crisis

Following the bellicose rhetoric with regard to the North Korea situation, President Donald Trump, a guy who campaigned under the slogan “no more foreign entanglements” shocked the world on Friday during a presser at his New Jersey golf club, when he discussed the recent developments in Venezuela. The POTUS was quoted as saying:

” The people are suffering and they are dying. I’m not going to rule out a military option. We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary,” 

The aforementioned claim, i.e. that Venezuela’s crisis may prompt a United States military response was described as  crazy by Caracas and according to reports, the Pentagon has not been briefed on President Trump’s plans. The President was accompanied by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley as he discussed with reporters outside his golf club in Bedminster, when he referred to Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro by calling him a dictator and blaming him for the humanitarian catastrophe which spirals out of control in the country.

However, President Trump did not provide details about an eventual “boots on the ground” scenario, i.e. we don’t know if he really thinks American troops in Venezuela are a necessity for putting an end to the crisis. According to Pentagon’s Department of Defense  spokesman Eric Pahon, the Pentagon has received no orders with regard to a military operation in Venezuela, while Venezuela’s defense minister Padrilo labeled President Trump’s talk about a military intervention in his country as an act of craziness.

Ernesto Villegas, Venezuela’s Communications Minister also blasted President Trump’s declaration as an unprecedented threat to national sovereignty. The United States is accusing Venezuela’s regime of subverting democratic processes while violating human rights and President Trump issued a number of sanctions recently against Nicholas Maduro, Venezuela’s President, whom he calls a dictator. It’s worth noticing that Venezuela is an incredibly rich country, having the largest reserves of petroleum in the world.

However, the people of Venezuela willfully gave up their guns and welcomed socialism with open arms. Now they are reaping the benefits of socialism. They need to save themselves. President Trump will lose massive support if he intervenes in Venezuela.