President Trump Shows Support For Roy Moore By Blasting Dem. Rep. Doug Jones (VIDEO)

trump roy moore

President Trump held an impromptu press-conference, a gaggle of sorts with the press corps following the customary White House Turkey pardon. The reporters asked the POTUS if he’s supporting Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama’s special election. The President’s answer was epic: “we don’t need a liberal democrat in that seat”.

President Trump also said about Dem. Rep. Doug Jones:

“I’ve looked at his record. It’s terrible on crime. It’s terrible on the border. It’s terrible on the military,”

Obviously, the reporters pressed the Donald with the sexual harassment allegations judge Roy Moore is currently facing, to which the POTUS added:

“Roy Moore denies it— that’s all I can say.”


Speaking of sexual harassment allegations, the  lawyer of one of the women accusing Judge Moore, Gloria Allred respectively, has said she wants a senate hearing and not lawsuits. She is pushing that route because she knows that any hearing wont happen until after the election . So it’s all bogus and it’s her way to try and deflect from the yearbook, as it makes her and her client look like liars too.

The burden of proof is on the accuser and the only thing that could be done before the election is for her to give it to a neutral examiner to verify the yearbook’s signature. She won’t do it since she knows it’s a forgery.

That’s why Roy will win the election; if the yearbook was proven to be from Roy Moore’s handwriting and dated to 1977, then he would lose easily, even in Alabama.

The focus is on one witness because she is the only person claiming to have proof, the other people are just making accusations : which cant be proven or not proven. That’s the difference.