President Trump Slams Fake News Media “Officially Out of Control”

The never-ending “love story” between President Donald Trump and the corporate media just hit another notch, as the POTUS  has taken to Twitter this morning for expressing his frustration/dissatisfaction or whatchamacallit with regard to the coverage of his young presidency by the mainstream media:




It’s not very clear what was the catalyst for President Trump’s latest Twitter-bashing of the mainstream media, but regardless, whether there was CNN’s censorship, the coverage of Susan Rice or the price of rice in China, Mr. Trump just gave the mainstream media another excuse to bash him for at least 24 hours and to accuse him of destroying free speech and all that liberal palaver.

However, President Trump had a few nice things to say about Fox News, another corporate mainstream media TV entity that is currently purging all its conservative figures.



While Fox is living its glory days ratings wise, they are also firing some of their best earners (read O’Reilly)/best known conservative figures/analysts/editors, and that’s pretty weird to say the least now that we have a “conservative” in the White House.

One may wonder if the conservative purge at Fox News has anything to do with the President’s recent flip-flops (I am a nationalist and a globalist etc)? I mean, these authoritative figures who were solid Trump supporters from day one are now flushed out from a TV station which tries to become CNN light, because their eventual criticism on Trump’s sudden change of policy would wreak havoc in his conservative fan-base?

What do you think?