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According to an Associated Pres report, which by definition means that the information must be taken with a big grain of Himalayan salt, President Donald Trump threatened his Mexican counterpart that the United States may send troops into Mexico to stop what The Donald calls “the bad hombres there”.

Obviously, unless the Mexican army grows a pair and takes care of business, i.e. taking over and controlling the drug cartels which are wreaking havoc at the US-Mexico border, but that’s just my opinion.

Getting back to our story, the Associated Press claims that President Donald Trump made the alleged “threat” during a phone conversation with President Pena Nieto according to a transcript of the convo obtained by one of their correspondents.

The “leaked” conversation does not clarify what President Trump means by “bad hombres”, i.e. it’s not clear who exactly are they (drug cartels, immigrants etc), nor the tone of his voice or the context of the respective remark, which may very well be a joke (that happened many times in the past with the mainstream media taking jokes as policy statements for smearing Trump).

Also, AP failed to deliver Mexico’s President response following Trump’s comments. Provided the AP report is genuine, it’s very interesting to see how President Trump is using the same blunt talk and tough stance both behind closed doors and during rally campaign trails. Basically, he’s the same guy American people voted for and that’s awesome.

According to the excerpt from AP, Donald Trump said:

“You have a bunch of bad hombres down there.You aren’t doing enough to stop them. I think your military is scared. Our military isn’t, so I just might send them down to take care of it.”


The White House declined to comment about this issue.

However, Mexico’s foreign relations department said about a similar Mexican reporter’s comment with regard to Donald Trump humiliating Pena Nieto in a tough call convo that, let me quote:

The assertions that you make about said conversation do not correspond to the reality of it. The tone was constructive and it was agreed by the presidents to continue working and that the teams will continue to meet frequently to construct an agreement that is positive for Mexico and for the United States.


President Pena Nieto’s spokesman  Eduardo Sanchez said during a radio interview on Wednesday:

“I know it with absolute certainty, there was no threat. The things that have been said are nonsense and a downright lie.”


Source:  AP, LA Times

Photo Source: Associated Press