President Trump to Clean House?

angry trump

According to a variety of “leaks” from White House officials along with outside advisers and longtime friends, President Trump is considering a huge reboot (those were the exact words used by the leaksters) in his administration.

Trump’s cleaning house could affect basically everybody in his young administration, including his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and even his chief strategist and Breitbart founder Steve Bannon, not to mention press secretary Sean Spicer who was heavily criticized recently or counsel Don McGahn.

The same sources are claiming that President Trump is annoyed with quite a few people from his Cabinet, feeling frustrated on a daily basis and angry at everyone (according to a confidant).

Former FBI Director James Comey was fired last week by the POTUS and the move, while making the DEMs and their lapdog corporate media very angry, also put the White House from what can be described as organized chaos into sheer crisis. According to the aforementioned sources, all the president’s friends are now advising him to get rid of his top aides, who (according to them) have no idea how to work with The Donald. The general perception in the White House is that leaks are getting worse by the day, while approval ratings are stagnating and that must change one way or another.

Trump’s confidant has said, let me quote:

“The advice he’s getting is to go big — that he has nothing to lose. The question now is how big and how bold. I’m not sure he knows the answer to that yet.”
If all these suggestions are to be followed by the President, he’ll end up surrounded by his family members only, i.e.  very young people with almost zero governing experience (read Jared and Ivanka Trump).
 And while the POTUS is known for talking about firing people when things don’t go as well as expected, these rumors and claims may be just a warning of sorts. However, a West Wing shuffle looks very likely, as President Trump feels he doesn’t get enough support from his staff and also from some of his Cabinet members. But the canning process may take a while. A top aide of the POTUS has said about the future grand shakeup:
“[Trump]He’s never going to say he did a bad job.”
Hence, others will have to bite the bullet and pay the price.
Photo Andrew Harnik / AP