President Trump to Germany: You Owe Us Money for Defense of Europe against Russia

President Donald Trump also known as The Debt Collector claimed earlier on Saturday that Germany owes NATO and implicitly the United States vast sums of money for the defense of Europe against Russia.
We must give it to The Donald this time, as Germany is an incredibly rich country and one of world’s top 3 economies, running a budget surplus in the hundreds of billions of dollars while spending a pathetic 1.23 percent of its GDP on defense.

Even the debt laden United Kingdom manages to cough up the NATO required 2%, and now it’s time for Germany to step up to the plate and do the right thing. Or at least, that’s President Trump’s opinion and it’s the best in the world, okay?
Joking aside, just one day after his awkward meeting with Germany’s chancellor Merkel, Donald Trump went on to Twitter and requested Berlin to spend more on defense.
Besides the United States which spends huge sums of money on defense annually ($600bn+), only 4 NATO members, UK included, are currently abiding to the military alliance’s spending quota, which is 2 percent of a country’s GDP.
Germany’s miserable 1.23 percent has no excuse whatsoever, as the country is running a whopping $290 billion budget surplus. Despite these hard facts, Trump’s meeting with Angela Merkel showed little common ground over a number of sensitive issues, including defense spending and NATO. And then The Donald tweeted on Saturday:

Truth has a certain ring to it, yes indeed. President Trump told reporters during the joint press conference with Germany’s chancellor Merkel that America demands from her allies to pay back, let me quote: “vast sums of money from past years”.
The president did not forget the mainstream media during his latest Twitter session: