President Trump to Make Historic Financial Investment in US Military


Considering the indisputable fact that we’re living in troubled, troubled times, President Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday to make a historic financial investment in the United States military.

There’s an old Chinese blessing (or curse) that says something like: may you live in interesting times.

And yes indeed, interesting times are all over us ,especially when looking at President Trump’s commitment to proving America’s continuing role as the enforcer and defender of freedom world-wide.

However, regardless of how good this may sound for patriots, military personnel and the military industrial complex lobby (selling weapons is one of America’s biggest business folks), one may wonder how come the military requires further investment when the US is already spending huge amounts of money, as much as the next 8 world military powers combined?

President Trump did not offer precise details with regard to how this plan will affect his budgets and so on and so forth, but he certainly appears to backtrack from his previous allegations, in which he basically said that the increased military spending on planes and warships will be paid for by cutting down the costs of weapons programs and things of that matter.

Even if Donald Trump heavily implied that he will keep the costs of weapons programs under a tight leash, his suggestions had been widely challenged by various military analysts.

The general idea is that Trump’s plans for re-inventing/expanding the US military power will obviously come with massive costs which are likely to be budget breaking, regardless of what savings may be achieved from the likes of the F-35 program.

President Donald Trump tried to defend his paradigm shift with the argument that the global Islamic terror problem is actually worse than previously thought. Trump also accused the global mainstream media of refusing to cover all the terrorist attacks, thus downplaying the severity of the phenomenon.

Furthermore, Trump accused the media of “having their reasons” for downplaying the scale of Islamic terrorism.

Source: ADN

Photo Source: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times