President Trump to Reveal Tax Reform Package Next Week

trump tax reform

One of the most sought after campaign promises, besides erecting a high tech, big beautiful wall at the Mexico border and Making America Great Again (cue patriotic music and forget about repealing/replacing Obamacare for now) was the Trump Tax Reform Package.

The good news is that President Trump stepped up to the plate on Friday and he announced that next week the world (or at least America, which is more or less the civilized world) will stand in awe, as God Emperor will release his tax reform package over us, plebs. I am only kidding of course, but the thing is, Trump’s tax reform plan sounds magnificent in theory, or at least it should, but passing it through Congress, regardless of the plan’s awesomeness is another matter altogether.

According to our beloved Dear Leader Donald Trump, the tax reform package is the next best thing since sliced bread as it will bless both businesses and individuals with big, beautiful tax cuts, thus making working America great again.

President Trump said during an interview for the Associated Press that even if his tax reform plan is outstanding and totally awesome, the best in the world basically, he will not provide us with details for now, as the reality show must go on and, remember that folks: if you want to see what’s in the legislation, you’ll have to pass it first through Congress. Again, I am being sarcastic here for US politics aficionados, but President Trump actually said about his tax reform plan that, let me quote the man himself:

[will be]”bigger I believe than any tax cut ever.

Hallelujah Mr. President, may the Force be with us and maybe income tax will get back where it belongs, i.e. in the history’s garbage bin. The new legislation will be released maybe on Wednesday if the stars align, “or shortly thereafter”. However, it’s gonna happen folks, just before Donald Trump’s 100 day mark into office and you can take that to the bank.

Source AP

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik