Build The Wall!!

President Donald Trump speaks

Just four days into presidency and Trump is  spectacularly delivering as per his campaign promises. According to an exclusive report from Reuters, President Donald Trump will unleash the first wave of  immigration executive orders on Wednesday.

The executive orders will restrict immigration (refugees included) from 7 countries, mostly Muslim nations, the likes of Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. Even current visa holders from the respective countries will see their access into the United States restricted by Trump’s executive actions.

After having taken on United States’s struggling manufacturing sector and the Keystone pipeline via executive actions on Tuesday, Trump is moving on one of his most important campaign issues: border security and immigration.

According to Reuters who is citing various immigration experts and congressional aides briefed on the respective matter, President Donald Trump will sign the executive orders restricting immigration on Wednesday at the Department of Homeland Security’s headquarters in Washington DC.

As you probably know, Homeland Security’s attributions include border security and immigration and what a fine job they did under Barack Obama’s regime, isn’t it?

It is possible that Donald Trump’s restrictions regarding refugees will include a ban on admissions from virtually all countries, at least for a few months, until the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State will come up with a comprehensive and hardcore vetting system.

According to an Associated Press report, the executive orders to be released on Wednesday will include the plans for building the now famous wall along the Mexico-U.S. border and various enforcement measures.

In order to restrict immigration from the targeted countries, Trump will probably instruct the US State Department to halt issuing visas to citizens from the respective nations. The US Customs and Border Protection will also block from entering US all visa holders from those states.


Source APReuters

Photo Credit REUTERS