President Trump Trolls Women Marches Amid Global Protests while Touting “Unprecedented Economic Success”

trump trolls women protests

Speaking of Donald Trump, here’s another epic tweet released out in the wild on Saturday, as the Pussy Hat activists (most of them women protesters or ugly hairy men who identify themselves as ugly women) took to the streets (again), this time marching in celebration (I wish) of President Trump’s first year in the White House, a year called historic or hysteric by many, depending on their political affiliation/inclination. But enough with the preamble, here’s the epic tweet:

It’s obvious that not everyone can troll and persuade at the same time. Only a Very Stable Genius can do that.  And speaking of the anti-Trump marches, they all look like the Miss Universe Pageant without the pretty women.

On a more serious note, here’s how Trump promotes positive things that help everybody, while Democrats promote negative things that divide everybody and create a victim mentality. It’s pretty easy (as in not courageous at all) to march for women’s rights in a country that stands as an example for the rest of the world. Your brand of courage ‘feminists’ pales in comparison to the brave women who risk their lives for their rights. Take for instance the woman in Iran who recently removed her hijab and stood high enough for everyone to see and demanded her rights as a woman. She risked far more than just a scowl or a frown on Facebook. You look like cry babies.

Finally, I don’t know what these feminists are protesting.Trump’s first year in office was the year of the woman:



Photo Credit: Getty Images