President Trump Tweets His Support for Judge Roy Moore

trump supports judge moore

For the past three weeks or so, Judge Roy Moore has been accused by various women of sexual abuse/misconduct/whatever, things that allegedly happened almost 40 years ago. For further reference, read this: The Public Lynching of Judge Moore by the Coward RINOs and the Leftist MSM.

And here’s the POTUS on Sunday:


The mall story was debunked as fake news, i.e. he was never banned from a mall. It’s fake stories like that one and the year book no one will produce that makes this look like a hit job on yet another Republican.

Sorry, but the only thing they have in the Moore ordeal is his word versus her word, he said she said and all that nonsense. There has been no evidence given and the allegations are from 40 years ago. People in Alabama will still be voting for Moore because in America you are innocent until proven guilty.

If all it takes to try to destroy your opponent is having someone allege a crime from 40 years ago with no proof, then that shows more about our collective cultural stupidity than it does about the alleged suspect. Plus, if evidence is given later on, Republicans  in Senate can refuse to seat him.

Here’s the cherry on top, Doug really looks like a swamp-creature:

hillary supports doug