President Trump Voices Support for Protesters Against the Islamic Regime in Iran

iran protests 12 dead

At least ten people were killed last Sunday during the 4th day of protests in Iran, thus bringing the number of casualties to twelve so far. Iranians are protesting against the ayatollah’s Islamic regime in Iran, which brought rampant corruption, unemployment and inflation. Some of the protesters were shot by Iran’s security forces and hundreds were  arrested. One police officer was killed by a protester using a hunting rifle. Here’s a video with the protests:

Unlike the vast majority of world leaders, who kept very quiet about the uprising in Iran, President Trump and his  counterpart, Israel’s prime minister expressed their support for the protesters:


Here’s Netanyahu:

And here’s the POTUS:

Keep in mind that these Iranian protesters are primarily angry about the economy and government corruption, but that does not mean they will embrace Western-style democracy or side with the US on anything.

Whereas the regular military defends Iran’s borders and maintains internal order, according to the Iranian constitution, the Revolutionary Guard is intended to protect the country’s Islamic Republic system. The Revolutionary Guards state that their role in protecting the Islamic system is preventing foreign interference as well as coups by the military or “deviant movements.”

These are the Gestapo of the Mullahs and it is very doubtful they will flip over to the side of the people, unlike the military. If this happens, there will be civil war before there is any regime change. Things can get very bloody.

Photo Credit: Twitter