President Donald Trump signed on Wednesday his latest executive orders containing directives to building a wall alongside the Unites States border with Mexico as per his famous campaign promise.

Together with building the Great Wall of USA (it’s gonna happen folks! And Mexico will pay for it!), Trump’s directives will crack down on America’s sanctuary cities, i.e. places like San Francisco or Los Angeles which shield illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump is trying to proceed as soon as possible with sweeping and divisive plans to boost national security (remember the Muslim ban?) and to curb illegal immigration from South America.

According to a Reuters report, President Trump will try in the following days to take further steps for limiting legal immigration also, blocking the issuance of Visas to people from Muslim countries and restricting the acceptance of refugees in the United States.

President Donald Trump signed 2 executive orders today at the Department of Homeland Security. The first one regards the construction of a 2000 miles long wall along the US-Mexico border and the second will strip Federal financing/grant money from sanctuary cities/states of which most are governed by Democrats and they harbor millions of illegal/undocumented immigrants.

There are places like San Francisco where local officials (Democrats again) refuse to cooperate with the Feds when it comes to taking action against illegal immigrants.

After signing the directives at the DHS, Trump was quoted as saying:

We are in the middle of a crisis on our southern border: The unprecedented surge of illegal migrants from Central American is harming both Mexico and the United States. And I believe the steps we will take starting right now will improve the safety in both of our countries

A nation without borders is not a nation.


After stating the obvious, Trump’s plans for building the wall and curbing illegal immigration triggered a plethora of social justice warriors on the social media together with producing an instant outcry from die-hard immigrant advocates who really believe that the hundreds of millions of people from South America and the Middle East have a God given right to come and live in the US at the expense of the US taxpayer.

Sean Spicer, WH’s spokesman stated that:

The American people are no longer going to have to be forced to subsidize this disregard for our laws. Building this barrier is more than just a campaign promise, it’s a common-sense first step to really securing our porous border.This will stem the flow of drugs, crime, illegal immigration into the United States.”

The wall construction will begin in months, as soon as it’s physically possible said The Donald.

Source: Reuters, ABC News