President Trump Warns Allies He Plans to Withdraw US from Paris Climate Agreement

trump climate change

According to a very recent news report, President Trump already told US allies that he plans to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Change agreement as soon as possible. As you may already know, the new POTUS is not very fond of Al Gore&friends’ global warming/climate change theory, as he sees it as a Chinese sponsored fake news story aimed at deindustrializing the West and to make some renewable industry connected people rich (including Al Gore) in the process via carbon credits, carbon tax and all that jazz.

The global warming/climate change story/conspiracy theory is immensely complicated and maybe I’ll write an entire article about this issue in the future, but today’s good news is that The Donald is following with his campaign promises and according to “sources”, he already informed the Environmental Protection Agency boss Scott Pruitt about his intentions.

Citing 3 different sources with direct access to the “knowledge”, Axios reports that President Trump has already decided to say goodbye to the Paris Climate Agreement. The official announcement will be made next week, but if I’d be a progressive, I wouldn’t get my hopes too high:





During the G7 summit in Italy, President Trump was pushed hard by France and Germany leaders to keep endorsing the Paris Climate Agreement, but as I already told you in a previous piece, he politely declined. Angela Merkel was particulary disappointed with President Trump’s position with regard to climate change, characterizing the talks as very unsatisfying.

Provided The Donald keeps his word and nixes the respective agreement/treaty/whatchamacallit, even the the most pessimistic Americans will have the confirmation  that we finally put the right man into office. The Paris Climate Agreement would have run the cost of electricity through the roof, just like in UK  and other European “green” countries, and its effect would have been devastating for the already struggling US economy. That agreement is pure insanity and nothing else than a huge tax scam, being also one of Barack Obama’s hallmark decisions and an utter stupidity with regard to US interests.

To put it simply, if followed, the Paris Climate Change Agreement would have meant for taxation by a foreign body  and an “agreement” we can’t even vote on. One that never touched US Congress and the definition of taxation without representation by a foreign body.

The purpose of the Paris treaty is centered around control of the population, globalization, and it makes for a wealth redistribution scheme via the arbitrary redistribution of resources.

In other words it is socialism on a global scale.