President Trump’s Budget To Cut Food Stamps by 25%, Slash $1,7 Trillion in Entitlements

food stamps

For my libertarian readers (hi Fred), the title of today’s article may sound like a dream come true or, why not, like a bottle full of unicorn tears, I am well aware of that. Also, let’s not get our hopes too high, as I seriously doubt such measures will ever pass through the House or Senate, regardless of their occupancy. At least, not during my life time.

With this preamble in mind, let’s see about the POTUS’ budget proposal, whose details were “leaked” via AP, the WaPo and Bloomberg in a trial-balloon move of sorts. So, brace yourselves for the highlights of that perfect budget that will never be:

Trump’s budget is set to cut 1.7 trillion dollars in spending on entitlement programs, including a massive 200 billion cut in food stamps (more precisely, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) over the next decade, which amounts to a 25% overall reduction.

The massive cut in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is part of a wider $274 billion welfare-reform package. There’s also word about a 800 billion dollars cut to Medicaid for 2018. Border security spending is set to be increased with 2.6 billion dollars, of which 1.6 bn will be used for the construction of a big,beautiful border wall along the southern border with Mexico. There are many other major domestic spending cuts, but then again, let’s not get our hopes too high, as DEMs and RINOs alike are already bracing for fighting President Trump tooth and nail over his 2018 budget proposals.

President Trump promised to balance the Federal Government budget during his campaign and later into his presidency, but his projections are heavily dependent on economic growth, which will be presumably boosted following the POTUS’ massive tax cuts program (provided it passes) and no recession over the next ten years.