President Trump’s Latest Immigration Push Makes the Right to Explode in Anger and Confusion

donald trump wall

Following Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s statement after their dinner with the POTUS at the White House last night, a number of prominent personalities on the Right exploded in anger on social media. Here’s the statement from the Democrat leaders after their tete-a-tete with the Donald:

“We had a very productive meeting at the White House with the President. The discussion focused on DACA. We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides.”

Moreover, President Trump went on to social media and added to the confusion, though one may argue he tried to clarify what happened the night before:

To no one’s surprise, the Twitter storm was interpreted by many as a major flip flop with regard to one of Donald Trump’s seminal campaign promises (build the wall, no amnesty etc), and backlash followed immediately from some of his most prominent and vocal supporters, including Ann Coulter whose rhetoric escalated quickly:

Famous talk show host Joe Walsh also blasted the President for making a deal with the devil:

Even Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief-strategist took a shot at the POTUS via Breitbart:

bannon blasts trump

And here’s the POTUS and the official statement from the White House press secretary:

“The wall will not be obstructed, because without the wall I wouldn’t do anything

“The wall — at some point, they’re going to have to — they cannot obstruct the wall,The wall, to me, is vital. If I don’t get the wall, then we will become the obstructionists.”

“There was no deal and they didn’t say they had a deal. In fact, they just put out a statement they didn’t say that at all,”

So, as usual, what we’re dealing with here is another case of lies, fake news and disinformation. And in case you were not paying attention, here’s Trump on DACA in 2015:

“we’re going to keep the families together” 

and here’s another interview from Politico in 2016:

 ‘They got brought here at a very young age, they’ve worked here, they’ve gone to school here. Some were good students. Some have wonderful jobs. And they’re in never-never land because they don’t know what’s going to happen.’”

Basically, Trump has the same position in 2017 as he did in 2015/2016, i.e. he wants to protect DACA recipients. Nothing to see here, move along, it’s just you not paying attention to what Trump says. And mind you, he says specifically “no amnesty” for DACA recipients, opting for worker visas instead. And yes, the border wall will be built, but not immediately. Check this out:

“DHS Cuts Red Tape To ‘Immediately’ Begin Border Wall Construction”.