President Trump’s Surreal Press Conference Launches War on the Mainstream Media

President Donald Trump’s press conference on Thursday was described by many as surreal, but the thing is that the mainstream media had it coming for a long time.

The Donald blasted the dishonesty of the media coverage of his presidency so far, calling it by its name, i.e. out of control and filled with hatred, and also accused reporters of not being honest when reporting facts. Back in the day, what Trump deplored on Thursday’s press conference was called yellow journalism, and yellow journalism is still alive and kicking today, at least in President Trump’s opinion.

President Daddy basically addressed the press corps in an authoritative manner, literally preaching to them on how to improve their failing ratings.

The back and forth rambling between The Donald and the press was reminiscent of the good old days, i.e. his epic campaign speeches. Trump began the press conference presenting his administration’s accomplishments so far, which led to the stock market’s historic performance, and by criticizing the disaster left behind by Obama and  news organizations as working for special interests and for those who are benefiting off a very broken system.

The highlights of the press conference were the President’s attack on the mainstream media and the MSM’s obsession with Russia.  Trump mentioned the latest Rasmussen poll which found that the President has a 55% approval rating and the fact that his administration runs like a well tuned machine, despite the stories of chaos claimed by the news media.

Also, he condemned the Democrats for delaying his appointees and the intelligence services illegal leaks to the media. Trump noted that General Flynn did nothing wrong and he announced a new executive action regarding immigration for next week.

Some called the press conference as the most amazing ever, but the best thing to do is to see it for yourself.

To sum it up in 2 tweets: