Priebus Out, Gen. John Kelly Named New Chief of Staff

There Goes the Chief Leaker

Trump Sacks Priebus

President Trump fired Reince Priebus on Friday as his White House Chief of Staff, yet rumors started spreading on social media whether Reince was fired or he actually quit his job. Rumors and speculations aside,  “paranoid schizophrenic”  (to quote Scaramucci) RINO Reince Priebus is out for good, being replaced by a retired 4 star Marine general John Kelly, who is currently serving as Department for Homeland Security’s head.




President Trump broke the news on Twitter, as usual, as Air Force One landed at Andrews military base. The POTUS did not forget to mention Reince Priebus, thanking him for, well, I don’t know exactly what, but I believe President Trump to be excessively polite:



John Kelly was repeatedly lauded by the POTUS as DHS chief for dramatically reducing the number of illegal aliens entering the United States via Mexico. As you can see from the tweets, Gen. Kelly was called a true star as the Donald was announcing his appointment as White House Chief of Staff. The circumstances of Reince Priebus’ firing/exit are intriguing to say the least.

As the Donald was announcing Reince’s parting from his Chief of Staff position, Priebus was returning with the POTUS and other WH staff in Air Force  One from a meeting in Long Island, NY. Upon their return to the Andrews air-force base, President Trump made public the fact that Priebus is no more via Twitter. It seems like the final straw for Priebus, Anthony Scaramucci nervous breakdown aside, was the Senate REPs failure to repeal Obamacare, courtesy of McCain’s sudden alliance with the DEMs and other two never-Trump Republicans.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. However, considering the fact that a military veteran like Gen. Kelly will whisper in the President’s year on an every-day basis, we can bet the crazy fat kid’s days (read North Korea) are numbered. Also, it looks like President Trump is finally distancing from the RINOS withing the Republican party, which is absolutely great.