Pro Trump Rally Turns Violent after ANTIFA Activists Assault Peaceful Protesters (video)

Approximately 2,000 Trump fans rallied in Huntington Beach on Saturday for showing their unimpaired enthusiasm and support for President Donald Trump’s administration, especially after The Donald had a really bad week with the healthcare bill and all that jazz.

However, it did not take long for those really nice guys from ANTIFA, you know, the opposition snowflakes, the sore loser never Trumpers to show up to the party for provoking violence and mayhem, because the left is always taking the high road, when they go low…remember what Michelle said, right?

Well, with the left doing what it knows best, and I am talking about projection, i.e. engaging in violent acts in order to pedal their narrative that Trump supporters are a bunch of haters and racists who have the audacity to fight back, a dozen or so of ANTIFA thugs wearing black uniforms (I am only exaggerating a bit for dramatic effect) and scarfs and basically looking like ISIS terrorists attempted to disrupt the pro Trump rally via a so called “counter protest”.


In layman’s terms, the ANTIFA engaged in provocations and violence against the peaceful folk attending the rally and despite what the leftist/progressive media claims, they were the ones initiating violence, and unfortunately for the leftist narrative, this time there’s video evidence to prove it.

Also, a number of ANTIFA members ended up arrested by the police for illegal use of pepper spray (their specialty) and one thug was taken into custody for assault and battery charges.

But of course, the Trump people are the fascists, right?

Kevin Pearsall who is the spokesperson for the California State Parks Police gave a statement on Saturday evening about the event and let me quote from Reuters:

Multiple fights broke out and at least one Trump supporter was doused with pepper spray when pro-Trump demonstrators marching along Bolsa Chica State Beach encountered a small group opposed to the Republican president who had gathered to denounce the rally.

Four counter-protesters were arrested, three for illegal use of pepper spray and one for assault and battery

Where’s Based Stick Man when you need him?