Project Veritas Founder Teases ‘Biggest Ever Media Investigation’

project veritas

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe teased the mainstream media pundits on Monday via a video announcement claiming that a big bombshell is on its way. According to James O’Keefe, this is the biggest ever media investigation and a lot of people will get fired after the news breaks. Here’s the video:



It appears like Project Veritas is ready to launch the “holy hand grenade” of investigative journalism against the already failing New York Times, as they are teasing one of their largest ever investigations into one of the Behemoths of mainstream media. And the upcoming revelation promises to be incredibly juicy, since O’Keefe already suggested that people are likely to lose their jobs over it. To quote the “master of disaster” himself:

“In the coming weeks, you’re gonna see one of the biggest investigations this organization has ever done. It’s a continuation of American Pravda series. It’s aimed at the media. We’re going after their holy grail. We have tripled our journalists in the field. They are not even here, they are out there everyday. It’s gonna be big, it’s gonna be massive. If they think they can shut us down with this crap [lawsuit] they’re sorely mistaken. Because not only are people in the media probably going to lose their jobs and be exposed for what they are, but this [lawsuit] is going to be exposed for what it is. So stay tuned ladies and gentleman. Fireworks are coming,” 

Just as a quick reminder, Project Veritas via their American Pravda series already revealed that even CNN staffers don’t actually believe in their own narrative, i.e. that the Russia collusion conspiracy theory which is incessantly pedaled by the network is just a big nothing burger. All that fake-news which is pushed on the American public since 2016 serves only one purpose, and that’s not news reporting, but propaganda.

The POTUS asked via social media on Monday:

 “How much longer will the failing NY Times, with its big losses and massive unfunded liability (and non-existent sources), remain in business?”

And James O’Keefe poured gasoline onto the fire:

All bets are off: New York Times is next. Brace yourselves.