Psyop? Now Japan Issues False Warning on ICBM Threat from North Korea

japan issues false ICBM warning

Just a couple of days after a False “ICBM Threat” Shaked Hawaii, Japan said “hold my beer and watch this“, i.e. the Japanese public broadcaster NHK did the exact same thing, issuing a fake warning about an ICBM launch from North Korea on Tuesday. However, unlike Hawaiian authorities which took more than half an hour to reassure citizens that everything’s alright, the Japanese remedied the erroneous report in a matter of minutes.

The reasons for NHK’s 6.55 p.m. fake alert are not known just yet, as Japanese authorities are still checking to see what went wrong. The alert which put the fear of God in many Japanese reads:

“North Korea appears to have launched a missile … The government urges people to take shelter inside buildings or underground.”

This scary message was sent to thousands of users of NHK’s online news distribution service via their smartphones, just like in Hawaii’s case. However, NHK put out a new message in only 5 minutes, reassuring its customers everything’s okay.

Now, if you ask me, what are the odds 2 military projectile “false alarms” occurring in 2 days in 2 different locations? I’m guessing better chances exist for all Hollywood Execs turning themselves in for sexual misconduct, unsolicited. Something is up, hence the “psyop” thing in the title.

What if it was not a mistake, but done by the government to simply see what the normal reaction of the people would be if a missile was actually headed for them? Where would the masses run to and what would be the response: good or bad? It may well be a preparedness test in that light.

Be prepared is what the Boy Scouts motto used to be, so perhaps this is a good thing in the making in today’s world of idiocy and programmed helplessness. Hard to believe the happenstance of such happening though (a nuke attack on mainland US or even Japan from North Korea that is). I wonder if Guam will be the next island to have such fake-warning thing happening. Also,  if North Korea really launches a nuclear missile, will the people now believe the warning after these fake cries of “wolf”?

Photo REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon