Puerto Rico Governor Praises President Trump’s Swift Response to Hurricane Maria Devastation

puerto rico hurricane maria

Despite the fake news narrative the leftist mainstream media is pushing, Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló praised President Trump’s swift response to Hurricane Maria , which left the tiny island in shambles. During an interview on Friday morning for Fox Business, Ricardo Rosselló was quoted as saying to Maria Bartiromo:

The president and the administration, every time we’ve asked them to execute, they’ve executed quickly.

Puerto Rico’s Governor described how US aid is currently distributed all across the island, and called for more help in terms of personnel, which is insufficient. According to Governor Ricardo Rosselló, the island is now in emergency mode and asked members of the US Congress to speed things up and pass legislation for a long time rebuilding aid-package.

“We need to take this very seriously. Right now, we’re in emergency mode, but certainly, I call upon Congress to enact an aid bill for Puerto Rico that is consistent with the damage that has been suffered,”

 Ricardo Rosselló callled for the Congress to treat Puerto Rico equally to Florida, Texas or any other state and to allow access to financing from the Treasury and the Federal Reserve. President Trump tweeted earlier:

If you were watching the usual fake-news suspects, the likes of CNN, CBS or PBS, you probably missed all that. Although they did all mention that Puerto Rico is a disaster zone, they claimed that President Trump was making it worse by ignoring Puerto Rico’s problems while attacking black football players and so forth and so on.

Taxpayer funded NPR has run nothing but critical stories about Trump while completely ignoring the Governor’s comments.

And they spent more time this morning interviewing Green Bay fans than Puerto Rico residents.

Photo Carolyn Cole | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images