Putin on Trump: We’re Not Friends

Russian President spoke about his relationship with his U.S. counterpart

Asked about his relationship with Donald Trump during a meeting with the heads of international news agencies in St. Petersburg on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he never met with Trump.

“How can one be friends with a person he’s not acquainted with? I think Mr. Trump can’t call me his friend and I can’t do it as well. We’re not acquainted with each other. We’ve never met,” Putin said.

“He can’t be regarded as a traditional politician. He never worked in politics,” Putin pointed out that he likes the type of people that Trump represents and said he believes Trump to be “straightforward, frank person.”

The Russian President repeated that the need to restore relations between Washington and Moscow. Putin refused to give advice on dealing with bureaucracy to U.S. President, saying that a man like Trump doesn’t need any advice on  “especially on domestic political issues.”

Putin and Trump spoke on the phone on two occasions, last time in May, when they spoke of the possibility to meet in July, in Germany, at the G20 summit in Hamburg.

The U.S. President is facing accusations of Russian involvement in the presidential election, with the mainstream media often linking Trump with Putin and Russia. Trump’s administration and Moscow have denied the allegations.

Source: RT