Putin: ‘Political Schizophrenia has gripped the U.S.’

Russian President dismissed the allegations that Donald Trump gave Russian officials highly classified information

Russian President brusquely rejected the U.S. mainstream media allegations that President Donald Trump gave highly classified information to Russian officials. Putin said that a “political schizophrenia” had gripped the United States and that it was “eliciting concern” in Russia.

“This is the only thing I can think of when I hear allegations saying that the president has revealed some secrets to [Russian Foreign Minister Sergey] Lavrov,” Putin said at a press conference on Wednesday.

This was Putin response to the allegations in U.S. media that Trump shared classified information with Lavrov and Russian Ambassador the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, during their meeting last week at the Oval Office.

On May 15, Washington Post published an article, claiming that Donald Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador, citing unnamed ‘current and former U.S. officials’.

The claims were then reported by other mainstream media, including Reuters and CNN.

The Russian President then offered to provide U.S. Congress with details of Trump disclosures to Russian envoys.

“If the administration of the United States deems this possible, we will be ready to provide a transcript of the Lavrov-Trump meeting to the U.S. Senate and Congress,” Putin told reporters during a news conference with visiting Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. Putin added, “It will happen if the U.S. administration wishes so.”

“I will have to reprimand him (Lavrov) because he shared these secrets neither with me nor with the Russian secret services, which is very inappropriate on his part,” Russian President said, followed by laughter.

Putin also warned that anti-Russian rhetoric can ‘hurt the U.S.’

“You know what surprises me? They are destabilizing the internal political situation in the United States under anti-Russian slogans.”

“They either do not understand that they are harming their own country, which means they are just short-sighted, or they understand everything, and that means that they are dangerous and unscrupulous people,” he emphasized.

Source: TASS, NPR