Putin Power on Parade

vladimir putin russia

Russia’s strongman Vladimir Putin bragged today that his army is ready and able to “repel” any potential aggression against the homeland. This very optimistic statement was made during Victory Day military parade in Russia’s capital Moscow, as 10 thousand Russian troops marched triumphantly through the legendary Red Square, boasting their high tech arsenal of ICBMs and various other missiles and gear (over 100 units of equipment).

The annual military parade on Red Square celebrates the so-called USSR defeat on Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany in WW2. What Russia regularly fails to mention is that it was the United States and its capitalist/free market economy which made the USSR’s victory possible. It’s a well known fact that America’s war effort produced humongous quantities of military equipment, of which half was sent to USSR, including hundreds of millions of metric tons of food and entire factories. But let that one go.

Also, World War 2 was started by the Ribbentrop Molotov pact, as Hitler and Stalin, both Marxists-Socialists (Nazi stands for National Sozialismus and SS means Sozialismus und Sieg) were planning to conquer and rule the world together. No, Hitler’s regime was not far right, but far left and nationalistic as opposed to USSR’s internationalism.

Today’s military parade in Moscow presented to the international public Russia’s latest Pantsir and Tor mobile Surface to Air Missile Systems that were adapted for use by the country’s arctic forces, i.e. their white/black winter camo made a stark contrast to the olive drab camo of other military gear.

There were plans to fly 72 jets overhead during the parade, however, due to harsh weather conditions (very low clouds), despite Russia spending almost 2 million dollars to guarantee sunshine via spiking the clouds with special chemicals, the plans were cancelled in the last moment.


Photos Courtesy of AP Reuters AFP TASS EPA