Putin says the Ransomware created by intelligence services ‘could backfire on its creators’

Russian President stated the virus originated from U.S. intelligence services


Russian President said that ransomware that hit computers across the world and affected several countries, including Russia, could backfire on its creators.

At a summit in Beijing, Putin said that: “Microsoft’s management has made it clear that the virus originated from US intelligence services.” He added that launching cyber-viruses is lifting a lid that “could backfire on those who developed and created them,” including intelligence agencies.

Putin also said that the U.S. rejected a proposal from Russia that the two countries discuss cyber-security threats together, with the aim of drafting a bilateral agreement.

The previous administration told us they were interested in reaching back to this proposal again, but nothing was actually done,” he explained.

The Russian President also touched on the subject of the latest ballistic missile test by North Korea.

I reiterated that we stand strongly against the expansion of the ‘nuclear club,’ including by means of those on the Korean Peninsula, by North Korea,” he said.

We consider neither nuclear nor missile tests acceptable. We need to return to dialogue with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, stop intimidating it and find ways to resolve these problems peacefully.”

Putin, among 30 other world leaders and hundreds of dignitaries, is attending the first Belt and Road Forum dedicated to a series of projects aimed at developing infrastructure and investment connecting Asia, Europe and Africa.

The forum is linked with China’s gigantic project called the ‘New Silk Road’, that aims to build a trade route with hundreds of billions of dollars for railroads and ports from London to Colombo to Jakarta.

Source: RT