Putin was Personally Involved in Hacks: US Officials

Putin was Personally Involved in Hacks

US intelligence officials now firmly believe that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, was personally involved in the US elections hacks. Speaking to the NBC news, the officials said that the CIA and other US intelligence agencies had almost reached a common conclusion that Putin played a leading role in the campaign that saw embarrassing Democrat documents leaked to the world via WikiLeaks.

And in more damning revelations, the officials said that the motivation to hack into the Democratic Party’s computer systems might have been borne out of the desire for Putin to retaliate for the comments of Hillary Clinton.

Back in 2011 when Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, Putin was re-elected in an election that many people dismissed as grossly flawed.

Officials now believe that Putin initially intended to hit out at Hillary by directing how the hacked Democrat documents should be leaked. However, as time went by, the officials allege that Putin changed his overall objective of seeking to hack the US presidential system. It is said that he now intended to isolate the United States by showing to the world that eth US electoral system was flawed and corrupt.

Michael McFaul who worked as the US ambassador to Russia says that the allegations of the senior intelligence officials are consistent with his observations of the way Vladimir Putin works. He says that Putin has been seeking to revenge against Hillary Clinton for a long time. He also adds that Putin has an overbearing level of control over all the key aspects of the Russian government.

According to sources, the process of the hacks was directed by senior officials in the Putin administration. It is said that the officials directly report to Putin and that during the hacks, they repeatedly received instructions from Putin.

Growing concern

There has been growing concern that Russia played a key role in the US presidential election hacks. Last month, the Obama administration was forced to call for a comprehensive report after an initial report signed by all the intelligence agencies in the country indicated that Russia might have been directly involved in the hacks.

It remains to be seen how the Obama administration will respond to the current allegations. To make matters further complicated, the President-Elect, Donald Trump, has repeatedly rubbished claims that Russia may have helped him win by stealing and leaking crucial documents about Hilary Clinton.