Qatar Confesses the Dirty Secret behind Syrian War: US, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey Colluded to Overthrow Assad

Jaber al-Thani revealed that his country, alongside Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United States, began shipping weapons to jihadists from the very moment events “first started” (in 2011).

the dirty secrets behind syria war

According to a top-secret National Security Agency document made public (as in leaked) by Edward Snowden last week, Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia ordered a rocket-attack against a Syrian civilian objective back in 2013, an attack aimed at flattening its Damascus airport. A military attack on a civilian target is in direct violation of international law, not to mention morality, which has deserted politics years ago.

And here’s the kicker from the NSA document: the US intelligence, namely the CIA had 3 days advance knowledge of the rocket-attack, yet they did absolutely nothing to interfere. And as far as I know, no one has complained about it.

Besides the  top-secret NSA document that was released by the Intercept, there’s an interview on Qatari TV from last  Wednesday featuring a high ranking Qatari official, an interview that’s getting viral across social media in Arab countries, where the respective top Qatari official confesses to the dark truth behind the Syrian so-called civil war. The armed opposition, the alleged rebels in Syria (ISIS, Al Qaeda garden variety of jihadists) were actually paid mercenaries under direct command of foreign state entities, and that’s from the early years of the conflict.

The Qatari official is the former Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, the guy in charge of Syria ops on behalf of his country until 2013. The former Prime Minister acknowledges during the interview that various Gulf countries were  arming/financing jihadists (basically ISIS terrorists) in Syria with the full approval/support of the United States and Turkey (a NATO member):

 “I don’t want to go into details but we have full documents about us taking charge [in Syria].”

The Qatari official’s comments are very revealing to say the least, and they are intended as an excuse/defense of Qatar’s alleged support for terrorism after both Saudi Arabia and the United States essentially left Qatar holding the hot potato with regard to the war against Syrian president Assad. Both the US and Saudi Arabia were in the same trench with Qatar until very recently. A 2014 Hillary Clinton email confirmed Qatar as a state-sponsor of ISIS during that same time period.

Check out this mind blowing interview:


Here’s the English transcript:

“When the events first started in Syria I went to Saudi Arabia and met with King Abdullah. I did that on the instructions of his highness the prince, my father. He [Abdullah] said we are behind you. You go ahead with this plan and we will coordinate but you should be in charge. I won’t get into details but we have full documents and anything that was sent [to Syria] would go to Turkey and was in coordination with the US forces and everything was distributed via the Turks and the US forces. And us and everyone else was involved, the military people. There may have been mistakes and support was given to the wrong faction… Maybe there was a relationship with Nusra, its possible but I myself don’t know about this… we were fighting over the prey [“al-sayda”] and now the prey is gone and we are still fighting… and now Bashar is still there. You [US and Saudi Arabia] were with us in the same trench… I have no objection to one changing if he finds that he was wrong, but at least inform your partner… for example leave Bashar [al-Assad] or do this or that, but the situation that has been created now will never allow any progress in the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council], or any progress on anything if we continue to openly fight.”