RAND Spent $1 Million Examining Whether Gun Control Works. Here’s What They Found

RAND Spent $1 Million Examining Whether Gun Control Works. Here's What They Found

In case you did not know, RAND is a non profit corporation that spent the last two years analyzing tons od data, thus searching for evidence with regard to the benefits of gun control legislation. They also spent one million dollars looking for clues on whether gun control works or not, and the “shocking” discovery was that the vast majority of studies conclude that gun control policies don’t really work.

RAND analyzed thousands of gun control studies, of which only 63 claim that there are some connections between more draconian gun control legislation, suicide reductions and violent crime. The analysis tried to discover connections (as in causality) between gun control legislation/policies and rates of suicide, homicide, hunting, self defense gun use etc. However, according to NPR, the vast majority of the aforementioned categories were not affected by gun control legislation.

According to Andrew Morral, the man who lead the analysis:

“Most of the effects that we were looking for evidence on, we didn’t find any evidence,”

Some evidence was found though with regard to gun control legislation effects on accidental gun injuries and suicide rates. However, the countries with the highest suicide rates also have strict gun control policies, which means that people find other ways to kill themselves if there are no guns around. Also, you should keep in mind that in the US, two thirds of gun deaths are actually suicides.

The Leftists don’t care if past gun “control” laws had little effect (if any) on violence. The goal is to reduce and then eliminate guns in the civilian population. So their facade is that the next round of laws will be effective. Just like they believe that the next implementation of Socialism will be effective.

Now, if you don’t know anything about history, you may think that gun prohibition will work!! That’s how we completely solved the drug-addiction problem, isn’t it? Making drugs illegal worked like a charm, and another example of words written on paper that change everything is the state of affairs in Chicago, where strict gun laws have all but eliminated murders and drive-by’s. Furthermore, three times more people are murdered with knives than with rifles in the US. So, logically speaking, wouldn’t it make more sense to have a knife ban than to ban semi-automatic rifles?