Rapper Threatens Melania Trump

A rapper who runs under the improbable name of Bow Wow has threatened to, let me quote, “pimp” the First Lady Melania Trump and “make her work for us”, end quote.

Just after Snoop Dogg’s highly controversial video which hinted at assassinating the POTUS, Bow Wow joined the crowd bashing the President and his family.



Bow Wow is also known as Shad Moss and after his uncle Snoop Dogg released his latest “work” depicting him shooting a gun at a fake Trump character which was dressed as a clown, he tweeted:

“Ayo DonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle Snoop Dogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us,”




Despite the incessant attacks from the leftist media, both Donald Trump and his First Lady are seeing their popularity rising. A recent poll survey discovered that 52% of Americans view the First Lady favorably, which marks a 16% increase compared to the 36% approval rate prior to the inauguration.

Many of Bow Wow’s followers believe that the rapper has gone way too far with his totally gratuitous attacks on the First Lady, who unlike her husband, keeps a very low profile on the social media and she doesn’t even live in the White House currently. Melania Trump chose to stay in New York until President Trump’s son Barron finishes the  school year.

Source Photo: Getty Images