Refugees Provoke Chaos at German Shopping Center Sparking Major Police Operation

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At least one person was injured after a mass brawl occurred outside a major shopping center in Germany on Saturday evening. The incidents were provoked by 2 gangs of young refugees (migrants), around 40 “youths” according to witnesses, who managed to flee before the police arrived at the scene.

A massive police operation went underway after violence erupted at the Rheingalerie in Ludwigshafen. The injured person is believed to have been an innocent bystander, but the suspects managed to disappear before police officers could operate any arrests.

In the aftermath of the violent incident, 70 officers accompanied by police dogs spoke to witnesses while combing the area outside the respective shopping center. The investigations are currently underway but it remains unknown why and how the fight broke out.

So far, with zero arrests and no suspects, the German police are asking anyone who may have been witness to the “riot” to come forward with the details about the incident, so the suspects can be identified and prosecuted. It’s hard to understand how come there’s no video-camera footage available, as surveillance cameras are all over the place in shopping centers and parking spaces.

Saturday’s fight occurs just 2 months after two Afghan nationals were injured in another mass brawl between immigrant youths in Munich. The Afghan men aged 17 and 19 respectively were reportedly wounded by a sharp pointed object in the upper body area.

The police is clueless about both incidents so far, as no suspects were identified.

Germany is confronted with a wave of criminality and terrorism after over a million of so called “Syrian” refugees were allowed to enter the country by Angela Merkel’s suicidal open-border policies.

Let’s hope that after Trump’s agreement with Saudi King Salaman for creating safe zones in Yemen and Syria, the nightmare will be over for EU’s citizens who cannot expect anything intelligent from their own leaders.

Source: Express

Photo Credit: Express UK