Rep. Trey Gowdy Asks the Obvious Question about the Anti Trump FBI Agent: ‘What Was He Doing?’

trey gowdy blasts fbi

Trey Gowdy is a GOP member of the House Judiciary Committee and he asked the question no one’s daring to ask in the MSM during a Fox Interview on Thursday: why a certified Anti Trump FBI agent, who was supposed to be a professional (by the way, the respective agent was fired from Robert Mueller’s team for the respective political bias back in July, that’s not debatable) as in apolitical, was in charge of Clinton email investigation? The FBI agent in question is Peter Strzok and during the interview, Trey Gowdy emphasized a number of problematic things the FBI agent has done while he was in charge of both Trump-Russia collusion investigation and Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server.

Gowdy also blasted Peter Strzok’s decision to change the way Clinton’s behavior was described in the official report with regard to her private email server, from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”. Gowdy explained:

“It’s really difficult to say, ‘we’re not gonna prosecute you’ when we use the precise words, so he changed it to extremely careless. There is no difference–the only difference is they didn’t want to use the wording in the statute.

Here’s the video:

Trey Gowdy has harsh words for Strzok, but words aren’t enough; we the people deserve to know the answers to these questions, so, start doing your job and find the answers; just asking the same questions we all have been asking for the last 3 YEARS isn’t an answer. If you ask me, this is just another thunder and light show by Gowdy. Strzok still has a job with the FBI and will have one long after all these investigation are over, unless he decides to retire and become a consultant or a lobbyist.